Compilation 1

Compilation 2

Compilation 3


Some notes on viewing...

The arrows at the top of the thumbs screen move you through the pages of thumbs.

Click on a thumb and up comes an 800 pixel copy.

Use arrows at top to move forward and back in the 800 pixel mode.

Click on an 800 pixel picture and you get a full-screen picture.

Click on that and you get the full picture (use the scroll bars to move around the picture).

To return to the 800 pixel size for moving to the next picture use the Back arrow in the browser.

Click on the symbol to the left of the arrows and you get back to the thumbs.

At least that's the way it works in my Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.

FYI, the pictures are being scanned in order of their contact sheet numbers, b&w first and then those in colour. The name of the picture starts with the contact sheet number on which is shown

If for any reason you want a copy for paper printing any of these or subsequent scans, let me know and I can do a touch up. There is a bit of dust on some scans that can be cleared off.

Press ESCAPE, Click on X (right-top) or Click Off from the popup to close this popup!